Topo TNM Style Template

The Topo TNM Style Template can be readily used with the Topo Combined Vector Product (recently renamed "Topo Map Vector Data products") and other data available for download from The National Map (TNM). The template and TNM data are intended to be used together to quickly provide the GIS user with a fully customizable map in the style of US Topo maps using the most current TNM data.

The Topo TNM Style Template is provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC). It has been developed according to the 24,000-scale, 7.5-minute layout and cartographic design of published US Topo Maps and is intended for use in any geographic location where data is available for download from TNM. The template is provided as an Esri-specific solution (ArcGIS v10.8 map document (mxd)) for the benefit of USGS earth scientists and other scientific professionals who have a requirement for symbolized and annotated topographic base map layers to support advance Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis and mapping. Symbolized map layers, links to Web Map Services, labeling rules, grids, standard map layout, and marginalia information are included in the template. Ancillary data for tailoring the template is provided along with the template in an Esri file geodatabase (v10.x). The USGS recognizes that this solution only meets the needs of end users dependent upon Esri products. Research continues into alternative formats.

This template may be used with any TNM datasource available for download and can easily be extended with any data layers according to end user needs. For best results in symbolization and labeling, it is recommended to be used with Topo Map Vector Data products. These products are currently under production and many are now available for download from TNM Downloader.

The Topo Map Vector Data products are one specific type of staged product intended for a variety of GIS and cartographic applications, including use with the Topo TNM Style Template. These products are staged at a 7.5-minute footprint that corresponds with a single US Topo Map extent. They will contain four feature datasets that include feature classes from all TNM Vector data themes, including Elevation Contours, Government Units (Boundaries), Woodland Tint polygons, Structures, Transportation, Hydrography, TNM Derived Names, and 7.5-minute map cells.

The following items are available for download:

  1. Zip file containing the template, tailoring data contained in a file geodatabase, and tailoring instructions in PDF.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions document in PDF.
  3. Topo TNM Style Template Metadata, FAQ, Text, and XML.

For additional help with using the Template, see the following videos:

Other training videos are also available at:

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