Advanced Viewer Help - Legend

The Legend displays labels and symbols for layers in the map. It supports dynamic, tiled, image, feature, KML layer types, and WMS layers with an associated legend URL. The Legend tool can be set to automatically update when the visibility of a layer or sublayer changes. When no operational layers are rendered in the map, the Legend tool is blank.

Base maps are not shown in the Legend tool by default. The order in which layers appear in the Legend tool corresponds to the layer order in the map. The tool can also be set to respect the scale dependencies of the layers in the map. This can be a useful indicator to map readers that additional data layers are present in the map but currently not displayed in the map because of scale dependencies.

When the application starts, the Legend tool is automatically enabled. Clicking the Legend tool displays the legend window. Clicking the X button in the upper right corner of the legend window closes it.

Legend tool