Advanced Viewer Help - Overview

TNM Advanced Viewer has a wide range of functions. Here are the primary areas:

  • Download Client link—Links to our application for downloading National Map GIS data, TNM Download Client.
  • Help Pages link—Links to these Help pages covering the Advanced Viewer.
  • Help videosComing soon.
  • Widget Panel—Contains tools to add layers and manipulate map data.
    Widget panel
    • Base Map Gallery—Select a base map from a presented gallery.
    • Layer List—Displays a list of operational layers in the app.
    • Legend—Displays a legend for the visible layers in the map.
    • Add Data—Search for layers or enter URLs to add data on the map.
    • Share—Share the app via social media, email, or embedded link.
    • Query—Query information from operational layers by executing a predefined query.
    • Measurement—Measure the area of a polygon, length of a line, or find the coordinates of a point.
    • Elevation Profile—Display the elevation profile for a selected feature or a measured line along with a web map.
    • Spot Elevation—Returns an elevation in international feet or meters for a specific latitude/longitude (NAD 1983) point from the USGS 3DEP 1/3 arc-second layer. If unable to find data at the requested point, this tool returns -1000000.
    • Print—Advanced or basic printing of the current map.
    • Draw—Draws basic graphics and text on the map.
    • Select—Enables interactive selection of features on the map and take the actions on the selected features.
  • ZoomZoom—Zoom current map view in or out.
  • HomeHome—Returns to default map view.
  • My locationMy Location—Centers the Advanced Viewer on current physical location.
  • ScaleScale—Displays the current map scale.
  • CoordinatesCoordinates—Displays coordinates for the cursor.